Too many choices now

I could spend the rest of my days

Searching for everything that is nothing

Toys, games, vacations, wares

Clothes, phones, mutual fund shares

I don’t even have to get up from the couch

I can sit here like a leather slouch

Consuming all that comes into my orbits

Yet there is always this stirring

There is always this stirring deep within

No rhyme, no reason, no cry, no whim

Seems to meet it or explain it

I think we all are made for something more

I think we all go beyond the meandering bore

Of the retail mall circuit

Not that any of the things we need are bad

Not that any of the things we want are ugly

But they do not define the who we are

They do not fulfill the rising star

That is continuously rising within our chests

I look for answers, I look for rest

It seems like it is only where the stillness resides

It seems it is where the mystery hides

It seems to go beyond all the reason

No shape, no circle, no time, no season

Seems to contain it at all


I look forward to the cool of fall

As I choose to go walk up the mountain




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