I haven’t written in quite some time

In prose or poetry or broken rhyme

I’ve simply walked along the pathways

Living life, watching days

Drifting along as the ancient sails

Their ancient groans and cries and wails

Still circle this blue globed earth

Still fill the seas with joy and mirth

As they are accompanied by the sailors’ songs

This rambunctious evening, this darkness long

Has held the silence my mind is craving

No other thing has been more enslaving

Than this debacle going through my mind

This devils’ treatise, this going blind

Through the never ending ways of busyness

Through the never ending void of soft caress

I have succeeded in what is seen, I have not in the sublime

So before I leave this meandering rhyme
I am determined to know my life’s source

Whether lion, ostrich, lamb, or horse

I am determined to know the difference

That simply being me can be



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  1. Beautiful piece this, the seeking, the self-analysis, the resolution, and the ghostly sailor images recalled Coleridge, the journey of the Ancient Mariner. The bridge against those clouds also spectacular. 💚

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    1. Thank you Steve 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re very welcome, I love the river’s songs. 🙂

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