Can I walk with a pen?

Can I take steps along paths unknown

Along the ways of wisdom known for ages?

To see what has yet to be seen

To hear what has yet to be heard

Words that have always been spoken

Do I have eyes to see, ears to hear?

Do I have a heart that yearns to endear

Or am I even supposed to worry about myself?

Maybe I should just take the steps

Put the pen to the paper

Walk the walk, talk the talk

Holding on to all things eternity

Breathing in all things eternal

I lift up my simple life, a kernel

And die.



The first step is taken


Now I await for life to awaken



Despite the dark and the lingering doubt

The birds are singing in the branches

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  1. I find this piece quite stark and beautiful, mystery and uncertainty, longing, expressed, and also a mystery in the first step and the path. Although I don’t fully understand, somehow that adds to the feeling of a powerful revelation just out of reach or just around the corner.

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  2. Exactly. Like the photograph here, we are seeing a reflection of something that is much greater. It’s there…we just keep looking and yearning until we see it. It’s what we poets do, right ? 🙂 Thanks, Steve, for the comment.


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