Waves of anger and depression

Slapping against my being like gray waves

On a black sand beach

Too hot to walk on

Too dreary to sit and watch

So I’ll move along and check the swatch

Of this new satin and silky fabric

This stuff that is supposed to hold it all together

This stuff that brings happiness in any kind of weather

Oh look, the moths and the worms have left their say

I cannot speak, I cannot pray

Or I can but I’m afraid of what I will speak

Everything I’ve loved, I seek

But have found this place of dark derision

I have come to the point of stark decision

Do I jump into this mosh pit that I can see

Or do I wait for these things I cannot

This waiting is hell, it seems to go on eternal

This silence is torture, this noise is infernal

When all that my soul longs for is a sound

A sound that casts all to the ground

All that is not beauty, down


I still cannot hear it.


Maybe I should move

Maybe I should change my place

Maybe I should change my face

Like all the other superstars

Maybe I should join in the farce

Known as jaunty superstition and hype

Known as virtual expertise, so ripe

Is the fruit of all our monstrosities

Painted to appear like lovely charities

We mock what we cannot know


I look to the mountains and see the snow

I long to know its cold, pure light.


I have wandered far, I have wandered here

I have left the wheel and refused to steer

The course that every other person seems to go

They ask and ask, I answer “I don’t know,

I have no idea of which way to go

And I’m not sure anyone else does either.”

I pause for a moment to enjoy a breather

And everyone else perceives it as ignorance

Simply because I am not speaking

They leave me standing there with the answer in my soul

So, that’s ok, I’ll just walk to whole

I’ll just meander myself off into the distance

I’m told I need a guide, a companion, a help

Yet all of these have seem to go their own ways

I look to stars, I lift my gaze

I decide to follow the whisperings of the wind

This wind, the last of my unseen friends

Begins to dance along the river

This place is good, my spine does quiver

In the knowing of nothing at all

In the understanding of almost everything

I feel a song, a dance, I sing

To a song that only the dogs can hear

A song I know and love so well

A song that makes the gray waves swell

Until they crest into a blue-green sea


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  1. For me, powerful conflicts, seeking and longing, in this piece, with a kind of enlightenment in the finale. Great work ❤ .

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  2. Thanks so much Steve! Glad you enjoyed it.

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