The Choosing

The Choosing

I’m at a place of mental exhaustion

And that’s a very humiliating thing for me to say

I’ve always been proud of my ability to handle adversity

Chaos, struggle were great unknowns

Now I find myself hardly able to remember my name

Is this the way it must be when all is the same

When all is a frenzied rendition?

Maybe so

Maybe not

I refuse to enter the world of dry rot

The place where all is a beggar

The place where all one seeks is pleasure

Where all one finds is pain

I am not going there

I rather decide to see what is before me

A rising sun, a setting moon

A simple lunch I take at noon

These things brings a spark of the grateful into my soul

This is a step toward me being whole

Simply being thankful for the good around me

I understand there is frantic and frenetic maelstrom

But I also know there is dancing and music

So I choose to imbibe in the latter

Relishing a glass of California wine

Listening to the weavings of the Ponderosa pine

Allowing beauty to alter my course

I can feel the breezes from the oceans

The Choosing


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