The Stranger

The Stranger

Grief is such a stranger to me

That might sound like something magical, wondrous

But it is quiet and dead and dehumanizing

The lack of grief is a very reason to grieve

The lack of capacity to grieve

Signals the presence of the monotonous, the mundane

I guess I need to set aside a coffee date

Maybe it is time to meet with grief

See all that I’ve missed over these last 30 or so years

Not so I may dwell in death or despair

But rather that I may dwell in life


I don’t want to be a stranger anymore



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  1. Very much enjoyed this piece. For me it has a kind of understated gentle melancholy, not forgetting the stunning photography 🙂 .


    1. Thank you Steve. That means a lot to me. Thanks for taking the time to give encouraging words 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It really is my pleasure 🙂 .


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