My grandfather rested in a recliner at 50,

My father walked many laps at 50,

I will run at 50,

My sons and daughters will sprint with great endurance at 50,

And my grandsons and granddaughters will fly at 50.

My great grandsons and great granddaughters will reach the moon at 50

and my great great grandsons and daughters will touch the edges of the universe at 50.


The stars of the generations of life,

thus are the generations of life


Who are the heroes in the story?


All of us.


Because we decided to keep moving along.

We decided to not allow our pasts to determine who we are,

We decided not to allow our pasts to determine where we are going,

Nor to determine how quickly we move beyond

We all played our role in this comedic drama called life


My grandfather worked hard for pittance, expending his heart

My father decided to break out of a cycle, moving us all into a different orbit

I decided there was more, and pointed us to the edge of the universe

My children and their children will take the baton beyond


The stars of the generations of life

Thus are the generations of life


“Not so for me” you say?

You can decide to change the way

Your future touches the universe

You can be the one


You can be the hero



Dedicated to Lillie Carter. You may have passed away today, but eternity will tell the impact your mercy, generosity, and prayers made. You are one of the heroes.


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