The Awakening (Embrace)

the-awakeningThe Awakening (Embrace)


I almost fell off the edge right there

Teetering on the brink of insanity



Nothing is ever good enough

Nothing is ever good enough

The poets once said

“Same as it ever was

Same as it ever was”

I believed them

Now I’ve walked that path at least thirty years

And have found that it ends up here at a precipice

I almost fell right off the edge

So now what do I do?

Do I turn around,

Retrace my steps,

Go back to wherever this started?

I might die before I get there

Or I might live

I might be completely overwhelmed with monotony

Or I might see the subtle differences

That come with seeing things from the opposite way

All I know is I have come to this day

Almost aimlessly

Is it too late to set a new course?

Is it too hard to begin anew?


But it is surely more mundane to keep going

This path I have already chosen

This dirty snow, these rocks that are frozen

Give me nothing firm to stand upon

I decide that I must not carry on

I must decide to embrace the difference.


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