Droplets on an Autumn Tree

Droplets on an Autumn Tree

Water droplets cling to the branches

As the rain tumbles down from the sky

They cling there like iridescent stars

Lighting the path to truth

Though the truth seems to stretch beyond infinity

Such small worlds in such small spaces

Crystal clear, luminous, without any traces

Of this angst I feel, this angst I see

These water droplets on the tree

Seem to be speaking something

Something to me

Something that I can’t seem to understand

I am often overcome by this mortality man

Who is always reminding

I will never, ever know the all

Welcome to fall


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda says:

    Beautiful, lovely descriptive words, rhythms and rhymes. 🙂

    Poetry Blog: https://deepcallingout.wordpress.com


  2. Thanks so much Amanda!


  3. sahilbhambri says:

    I loved your this piece ❤️
    Its so strong and beautiful


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